Terence mckenna – How To Take Psychedelics Pt.3

Here Terence discusses MDMA and some of the apparent negative affects, he then takes some time to talk about the possibility and fact of “bad trips.” I think my editing is slowly getting better, hope you enjoy. Disclaimer: I’m not telling anybody to take drugs. That decision is for every to make for themselves.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Terence mckenna – How To Take Psychedelics Pt.3

  1. solofish369 says:

    @romka4567 SWIM stands for “Someone Who Isn’t Me” It is a way to avoid self incrimination.

  2. romka4567 says:

    @solofish369 why do you say swim? i see that on shroomery,grasscity,bluelight, pill reports. Everywhere. I don’t get it :[.

  3. tenthousandyearsgoon says:

    @suzuki15 fast food is probably more harmful. Do you know what in those so called ‘beef’ patties? STR8 POISON!

  4. 4v3ng3d says:

    @thr337 i think everyone has taken their pants off at one point while tripping. when you’re by yourself I mean, I took an eighth of shrooms my first time and I had to. My only regret is I could have taken a heroic dose.

  5. 4v3ng3d says:

    @WelcomeToToners i think it can take weeks sometime to digest a trip, i took an eighth of shrooms for my first time shroomin it, two weeks later, and im still thinkin about it.

  6. milanw says:

    @suzuki15 yeah he did

  7. solofish369 says:

    Yeah SWIM has been researching San Pedro, SWIM found nurseries that sell it for not to bad of a price. The only problem is that SWIM does not know how to calculate the correct dosage of San Pedro to consume.

  8. 8bitnecromancer says:

    @solofish369…. That’s the stuff……. I still have yet to get the cacti .. not Peyote contrary to popular belief .. but the San Pedro and Peruvian Torch. My mini empire will spring from the cacti.

  9. solofish369 says:


  10. Bassist10288 says:

    man he is SO funny.

  11. dgmulf says:

    I don’t EVER eat fast food, and I will not ever take a neurotoxic drug… I agree 100% with Terence. Why mess with your brain?! It’s the only reason we can have these beautiful trips.

  12. uglybones says:

    @WelcomeToToners same here… digesting the trip is the way to go for me.

  13. questionmarkjones says:

    I have created a 2-dimensional version of Terence’s Timewave novelty calendar.

    please visit
    aquarianagrarian DOT blogspot DOT com
    and navigate to the first blog in February

  14. cheats59 says:

    @suzuki15 because he luvs DMT, dmt is the BEST psychedelic in the world the most puzzling and the Most Interesting.

  15. guckenberger says:

    Does the singing really work?

  16. 8bitnecromancer says:

    @8bitnecromancer C11H17NO3

  17. 8bitnecromancer says:

    @8bitnecromancer m

  18. 8bitnecromancer says:

    Pure crystal 3,4,5-Trimethoxybenzeneethanamine <—- is what I am shooting for.

  19. WelcomeToToners says:


    It can take some time to digest a trip. Personaly I have found that if I trip to frequently I will end up in a very confused place wich can take quite some time to come down from so nowdays I only trip when I really feel the need to wich is maybe once or twice a year. But hey, thats just me 🙂

  20. ThaRayman says:

    What is a “flush”?

  21. Lsdfunk says:

    @bluefly28 Seems like it was created for me, too.

  22. bluefly28 says:

    acid was created solely for the berkely revolution heads

  23. STATICnightmarex69 says:

    @ArthBHx haha yet

  24. ArthBHx says:

    Shrooms are just epic. I’ve done them every weekend this autumn. When they stop growing, I’ll stop tripping, but I haven’t had any probs yet.

  25. T0ASTYWAG1992 says:

    @suzuki15 Fast food however, is toxic for many organs. MDMA only affects your brain and apparently not too horribly. So in my opinion, MDMA is healthier.

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