public test close-up

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22 Responses to public test close-up

  1. RonaldLeng521 says:

    is a machine that make you feel like a machine..

  2. mojot555 says:

    手 要らんじゃん

  3. DarkBlueHole says:

    yeah COPIC MARKERS!!!
    best tone markers ever.

  4. llDeonxll says:

    whoa.. this is interesting. Imagine all the different styles that can be achieved through use of different mediums. You can make it look like all sorts of crazy.

  5. Vargr7 says:

    Similar devices already exist that don’t even require a person to strap their wrists in, so I don’t really see the point of this.

  6. ForeverMan says:

    he’s doing nothing haha… whata stupid machine…

  7. wastemoremoney says:

    What’s the point of having your hands in it if just just the machine is moving with no human input?

  8. wildone106 says:

    So what actually is the guy doing?

  9. Thirit says:

    Awesome!! wonder when it uses both hands

  10. hajime2006 says:

    All of use are painter right now

  11. ilsnz says:

    @grator0dave Hope they helped 🙂

  12. grator0dave says:

    gues i can leave school and stay on the internet :p

  13. ilsnz says:

    Sorry you didn’t like the music but congratulations on already passing your test!

  14. PoisonedShaggy101 says:

    Nice video and it helped me alot too but the music was distracting me so I had to mute it, but anyways I passed my test so who care?

  15. ilsnz says:

    @luanadbest Glad you liked it! Thanks for commenting

  16. luanadbest says:

    good video!

  17. ilsnz says:

    @strawhatrobot Glad you thought it was good – the original video on our site is much easier to control why not visit our site and have a look?

    Thanks for posting

  18. ilsnz says:

    @rafaeldonadio Hi there – that’s a good question! No reason in particualar – it was open source (not cpopyrighted).

    Thanks for posting though!

  19. Candy970206 says:

    too fast for me …. and it’s very clear….

  20. jayzeb43 says:

    @strawhatrobot what is pause button for?

  21. rafaeldonadio says:

    Why this music?….

  22. strawhatrobot says:

    its good but too fast!

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