SpaceX Falcon 9 Flight #1 First Stage Test {extended footage} [HD]

The second, 30 s duration static test of the inaugural Falcon 9 flight first stage. October 16, 2009 at the SpaceX test site in McGregor, Texas. This was the final static firing before the stage was shipped to Cape Canaveral in preparation for the rocket’s maiden flight. Merlin 1c engine gimbaling tests can be seen after T+10. As is the case with the smaller Falcon 1, the first stage engines ignite some 3 seconds prior to T-0 during which time they ramp up to full thrust and diagnostics are performed by the flight computer to verify engine health. Only when all 9 engines check out and their thrust is verified as nominal does the flight computer signal launch commit and initiates vehicle hold-down release. Audio was processed to reduce the amount of popping due to bad source audio. The choppiness of the source video could not be helped unfortunately.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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2 Responses to SpaceX Falcon 9 Flight #1 First Stage Test {extended footage} [HD]

  1. ugowar says:

    Spacecraft are designed and tested for the vibrational and acoustic environment on the way up. Noone said riding to orbit is smooth sailing, but it’s not as bad as this camera shaking makes it seem.

  2. flyboy172r says:

    How would they dampen the vibrations from the first stage? Wouldnt that sort of shaking damage the orbiter?

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