Education UK 2008

Many students from high school and people who want to study abroad in UK come to join the Education UK 2008 which is run on February 5, 2008 at Amari Rincome Hotel. There are featuring about 70 institutions both universities and colleges from UK. Besides, students who want to know their skill on English join the free test of IELTS by British Council.

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One Response to Education UK 2008

  1. RETRlBUTION says:

    The UK Education system was one of the best in the world, right up until 1972, when american education policies started to worm its way in to our tried and tested system, the UK did not & does not use ‘behavioural educational’ it does not work.
    But its used now as a control medium, teach them what you want them to learn, corporal punishment removed, National Anthem removed, replaced by american policies, my children know more about the US than their own country!

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