Accent Reduction Learn English Lesson #1

This is a lesson to help you learn to reduce your accent. We discuss a paragraph involving offshore drilling and the recent oil well explosion. Learn ESL quickly with these free English EFL videos. Study for your TOEIC IELTS exams and get good marks.
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13 Responses to Accent Reduction Learn English Lesson #1

  1. eggertstwart says:

    This is pretty funny.

  2. yamona89 says:

    @TeacherPhilEnglish Thanks teacher i think i understand it like 90% although i dun know why obama did that :D:D:D

  3. TeacherPhilEnglish says:

    @yamona89 I’ll make a new example. I find some apples at the store. The apples are on sale for 1000 apples for $1. Cheap price! But… the news says that some of them are poisonous so I can’t buy them. I would have had a cheap price on apples!

  4. yamona89 says:

    @TeacherPhilEnglish sorry for my stupidity but why president obama lifted the ban although there is oil spill , and why the paragraph used would have although he stated that the new policy already happened .we are not waiting to see if the new policy happened

  5. TeacherPhilEnglish says:

    @yamona89 ‘would have’ = if the new policy happened the companies could drill.

  6. yamona89 says:

    when its says this new new poilicy would have allowed what does it mean by would have

  7. OTONIELBAYS says:

    thanks brow Brazil

  8. OTONIELBAYS says:

    thanks brow

  9. MrKendudu says:


  10. mayefa3 says:

    thank you!

  11. MrFlores80 says:

    thank you teacher phil!!

  12. TheOMARAMOR says:


  13. diazvillamizar says:

    Thanks a lot, it was pretty usefull !

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