ielts vattan sandhu

Vattan Sandhu wid his frnd Mani gill
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Inna (Russia) is studying Academic English at PIBT to progress to a university diploma program. She likes the extra attention received as a student at PIBT and has achieved a lot in her time here. For information visit
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5 Responses to ielts vattan sandhu

  1. hunttingjatt says:

    veer gana te vadia gayea… sg resorts valli gall nai bani vattan veer……………….musiv nai dita gea….koi na ma v add karda v ohh vedio……chamkaur……….

  2. MrJoban420 says:

    bhut vadia vattan veer…….chaki ja fatte

  3. nainderbrar says:

    chak te fate

  4. vachhoa25 says:

    vadhiya vattan keep it up bro…….

  5. NAVI565 says:

    kaim awaaz ..kaim ganna te dove bai vi kaim a …..;)

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