How to Write an Effective Essay In this lesson, I give you a simple method for writing a good, effective essay in English. If you don’t know where to start when you are given a writing assignment, start here and learn how to do it right!

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30 Responses to How to Write an Effective Essay

  1. mariasoniey says:

    Who loled at when he was like, “You become a lawyer, or a liar!!!!” Hahahah:) And yes I am supposed to be writing an essay, can’t focus and somehow ended up watching this video. It was surprisingly helpful.

  2. heyyapplee says:

    hi. my name is james. can i kiss you?

  3. jefftormey says:

    for my time, I think myessaysecrets com is a better way to go.

  4. PEtEStER666 says:

    this guy rocks my pants!

  5. OpenTheB0x says:


  6. buyessay says:

    If you have something else to do – Essay Writing Service

  7. sharpezor says:

    look at that pimping shirt he’s wearing

  8. Slicecucumber says:

    Dang when he said Blonde or Brunnet and then he said wait love or money XD

  9. Judeasspriest says:

    @GreastMonkey can really do that!! this website is amazing..and quite cheap too

  10. GreastMonkey says:

    @rhinogek lool i just hired people to do mine :) termpapergurus if you want to too :):):)

  11. stupidnamewaster says:

    Helped me write my essay

  12. yodudeman34 says:

    this guys awesome

  13. TechTalker34 says:

    LOL I use TEEL

  14. freakedhelle says:

    thanks so much for the help.
    It has saved my grates

  15. 89BitterSweet says:

    you awesome

  16. el656 says:

    Who wanted the guy to go off screen and have a pretend snog???

  17. gocrytoyourmama says:

    Black guy + turtle neck = good essay

  18. daleyb22 says:

    P- purpose
    E- evidence
    A- analysis
    L- link back to thesis

  19. Traditz says:

    L-Link back to the thesis

  20. 360seas2021 says:

    @Hower98 I’m funny to you I’am not funny when I make jokes dust comes out to party that’s not funny lol.

  21. 360seas2021 says:

    @uaeazooz why jokes

  22. 360seas2021 says:

    @Hower98 what I’am not funny and I’am black wowowowowowowowowowowowow come on people.

  23. UaeGirl96 says:

    thank you very much I hope that it can helps me with my exam tomorrow , , ^^

  24. imdagiver says:

    SEEC is another way

    S – Statement
    E – Example
    E – Explain
    C – Comment <– this links back to the thesis

  25. uaeazooz says:

    YOU HAVE SMALL DICK Hahahaha Muhahahaha >:)
    i know you have small dick small black dick no sperm

  26. kabrera100 says:

    Great, keep it up

  27. TeacherPhilEnglish says:

    @alahemy tatters = falling apart. Comes from ‘clothing in tatters’ ie clothing falling apart.

  28. alahemy says:

    Economy in tatters means? Please!

  29. arievtube says:

    Thank you

  30. Angelino81 says:

    Thank you !

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