Condoms, Testing, Monogamy, and Honesty

People may also tell a partner they are being faithful in a monogamous relationship when in fact they are having sex outside the relationship as well. This means that if you have unprotected sex with a partner, you are betting your life on their being honest with you. Therefore, it’s safer to use a condom if you are sexually active. This video is freely downloadable from . Visit and http tolearn more. [Do you want to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS? Are you fluent in a language other than English? Then volunteer to translate a video into another language! Click to to learn how you can help!!!]

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18 Responses to Condoms, Testing, Monogamy, and Honesty

  1. AIDSvideos says:

    I’m unaware of anywhere in the world that it’s government policy to arrest and murder people who are HIV+ or have clinical AIDS. Governments are researching treatments and prevention methods. Look at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) web sites for more info.

  2. AIDSvideos says:

    Correct. Transmission through needle sharing and mother-to-child (during childbirth or breastfeeding) are two other common routes of infection.

  3. jf1gd2 says:

    what is the goverment doing to stop this? somebody told me they were arresting and executing these diseased people to keep them from spreading their deadly disease.

  4. Hairysteed says:

    I do agree!

    However I realized that simply admitting that you have HIV doesn’t mean that you’ve gotten it through sex. HIV is not only a sexually transmitted disease, is it?

  5. AIDSvideos says:

    I’m not aware of any places that you can be prosecuted for *contracting* HIV, although there are plenty of places where knowingly exposing a person to HIV without informing them (e.g. through sex) is against the law. Remember, condoms aren’t a guarantee against HIV transmission. If you are HIV positive, you MUST inform any prospective sexual partners in advance. Being married and embarrassed is no excuse for not doing this.

  6. Hairysteed says:

    Isn’t it that you can at least in some countries/states be persecuted for contracting HIV, be it unintentional or not? As if you could prove you didn’t know you had it. 😛

    What if you isntead of admitting to having cheated on your spouse you cease to having unprotected sex? Might raise suspicions though. Then again, there’s always divorce 🙂

  7. AIDSvideos says:

    Well, if you’ve been unfaithful and contracted HIV, do you want to tell your spouse and save them from contracting HIV, or say nothing and compound infidelity by transmitting infection as well? Obviously, it’s hard to admit you’ve been unfaithful, but it’s better than keeping silent and infecting them as well.

  8. Hairysteed says:

    Well, DUH! Who’s gonna cheat on his/her spouse and then tell him/her?!

  9. thuthao1002 says:

    thank you 🙂

  10. scout6686 says:


    you sound like khan from khan academy


  11. FedericoConcas says:

    @TeacherPhilEnglish haha useful lessons though! : )

  12. TeacherPhilEnglish says:

    @FedericoConcas What about “flip flops” : type of shoe, late 12c derived from Roman Flipitus Floptius, an ancient king who had three cats, all of whom were female and liked to lick one another.

  13. FedericoConcas says:

    type of shoe, late 14c., from O.Fr. sandale, from L. sandalium, from Gk. sandalion, dim. of sandalon “sandal,” of unknown origin, perhaps from Persian.

    It probably comes from the name of the plant (Santalum album) used by Greeks to make elegant footwear.

  14. ula58 says:

    thank you:)

  15. phonicsquest says:

    Another mistake: There is a problem about where to measure the base of a mountain, so that the highest mountain makes more sense than the tallest mountain.

  16. phonicsquest says:

    So…are you an authentic EFL teacher or just an archetypal English speaking person?

  17. phonicsquest says:

    Mistake:escalader is “Someone who gains access by the use of ladders”, the correct word should be ESCALATOR,that means :”A stairway whose steps move continuously on a circulating belt”

  18. kakosuranosx says:


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