Access Language Centre

Access Language Centre was established in 1997 and is located in central Sydney, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With a population of over 4 million people, Sydney has all the excitement of a big city but is surrounded by beaches and mountains. The relaxed lifestyle of Australians and the natural beauty of the country make Sydney a perfect destination for studying English! Our students come from over 40 countries and study courses that include General English, Academic English, IELTS Preparation, Business English and Cambridge FCE/CAE. Access also specialises in work experience programs such as Internship, Demi Pair and Work & Study. We care about your comfort at Access which is why our staff are happy to assist you and make sure you enjoy your stay with us. We have representatives all over the world who are able to provide you with information about Access in your language. We look forward to welcoming you to our country, our city and our school. For more information about your nearest representative, please provide us with your name and contact details (including e-mail and city). Access Language Centre 72 Mary Street Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010 Australia Phone: +61 (2) 9281-6455 Fax: +61 (2) 9281-7455 Email: Australian College of Business Pty. Ltd. Trading as Access Language Centre CRICOS Provider No. 01738E
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Learn Easy English #3 Recreational activities. YES TEACHER PHIL ENGLISH IS HERE TO TEACH AMERICAN ACCENT REDUCTION ENGLISH TO YOU. You can learn English ESL second language from a real school native English teacher. IELTS is hard, TEOIC is difficult, so study free ESL English right here. Reduce your accent and practice for exams to get good marks! Read, write, speak and talk fluent accent reduced English! Accent Reduction is hard but if you can listen carefully and practice speaking fluent accent-reduced English ESL you will learn English more effectively. School is expensive but free ESL language lesson videos are cheap! School teachers should be available for ESL training all time. Instruction is good at home, or online. Get those TOEIC exams finished! get a good mark! Study hard! Excel in English every day! Beat the school system! Free Teacher online! Free ENGLISH as a second language teacher accent reduction at home! Skype English Teacher too! Best English accent reducing teacher from a native speaking country Canada! Best teacher! Great free schooling to learn you native English tongue! ESL is the best! English as a Foreign language spoken fluently by native language ESL English teacher! English is the best language! Super teacher Phil is here to instruct English to the world! Phil Teacher is here! Easy marks on the test! super lesson! Watch the videos to learn fluent American English! English lessons should be studied every day for best exam marks! Read and write
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6 Responses to Access Language Centre

  1. gelox32 says:

    these lessons are great .. thank you

  2. aarrow44 says:

    i am Mostafa from Egypt and i want side to you thank you alot


    thank you very much

  4. TeacherPhilEnglish says:

    @ambermariejohnson Please add more comments

  5. ambermariejohnson says:

    Downhill skiing is just called skiing. If it’s cross country, they will specify.

  6. trongnguyenvietnam says:

    Thanks Phil!

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