Speaking Interview Part 3 (Mai)

Part 3 of a sample IELTS interview

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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26 Responses to Speaking Interview Part 3 (Mai)

  1. Lilithly says:

    @Bineij she says “I live in the south part of japan” at 0:40 🙂

  2. Bineij says:

    @Lilithly she’s from Vietnam. I’m sure!

  3. graphyy says:

    what if ppl cant do anything for climate change its sth bigger than us . geez

  4. wanotube says:

    @MissMinnie90 Mai is a common name for Japanese, also. hear the accent. that is soooo japanese.

  5. Lilithly says:

    @MissMinnie90 but she´s from japan….and mai is also a japanese name. just as well as an english name,

  6. Lilithly says:

    horrible topic!! wahh i would die therexD how should i know whether it would affect the economy? i wouldn´t be able to think of anything this fast and under that much pressurexD

  7. milans1976 says:

    Hello all, I am taking IELTS exam one month from now and would like to improve my communication skills. If there are out there some IELTS test takers who also want to practice spekaing we could talk on skype. Here is my ID milan.sekulic1, Have a good day.

  8. premedina says:

    Are people concerned about climate change in your CULTURE??? Is “culture” supposed to be the right word for that question. That’s weird.

  9. trennhungvisao1992 says:

    she speak well, influent and really expressed…but she seems to be so worry about what the examiner would ask her…..

  10. chrisbeltmont says:

    Tomorrow is my speaking test , and this next Saturday I am taking the reading, writing and the listening test . I hope all goes well the reading and the writing are the most difficult ones for me , And I need to score 6.5 in reading , speaking, writing and 7.5 on the listening. For general module.

  11. KimEunMi93 says:

    I feel bad for her. She was so nervous

  12. gazingazin says:

    she looked really relieved at the end of the test.. ^_^ what score did she get?

  13. MuginovT says:

    she is cute.. what score did she took?

  14. sensesgreen says:

    i don’t understand.
    Climate change=pollution?

  15. msbrad says:

    She is very good in both the English skill and idea she expressed.

  16. miscbeep says:

    @miscbeep or japanese xD

  17. miscbeep says:

    sounds like chinese

  18. caioaze says:

    I will take IELTS in a few weeks, and if someone want to pratice, feel free to add me to your skype contacts, my id is cazevedo1977.

  19. kokobaba12345 says:

    Having my speaking test in an hour’s time

  20. nomanchu says:

    HI, I am going to take IELTS test in few days, if somebody want to talk in english for practice then he/she can add me on skype

    my Skype ID is … nomanchu

  21. 88brarjass says:

    its good

  22. 88brarjass says:

    she is cute

  23. 88brarjass says:

    realy good;I have learnt a lot from this video

  24. shintopj1 says:

    hi I am from India looking foreward to improve my english and i would like to talk on SKYPE if anybody interested call me ,my id is shintop2

  25. BABA1Gopp says:

    i think that a bit dogy topic for discussion espcially for youngesters CLIMAte change fuck

  26. annibaltube says:

    The music too loud, overwhelming the speaker.

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