Outline of five paragraph essay

We will outline an essay together

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25 Responses to Outline of five paragraph essay

  1. malkamanjali says:

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  2. abagaillaci says:

    Asian bridals here **busizz4me.info**

  3. RENEDU2 says:

    McDonalds sucks

  4. HeartGoldFan100 says:

    nice job

  5. vinceman says:

    cute harmless not particularly useful except for newbies. certainly not a Paris Review entry. Sartre and Nabokov are turning over in their graves.

  6. raymunddeluna says:

    looks like you have a few disgruntled students. Im not in your class but the outline was hella useful dude. i loooooooove mcds 2. can you go shirtless next time?

  7. darithchoub says:

    This video is good….

  8. darithchoub says:

    Keep on with your goods work….Thank you

  9. ghasssan1 says:

    Good job Mr.Green. It helps a lot.

  10. holymolydonutshop123 says:

    hey thanks man you basically sumed up a weeks worth os studying about how to write a essay in just 8 minutes 10 seconds. Im a sophmore in college and for some reson always had trouble with essays, well guess what, Not AnyMore. Thanks once again. Now just have to wait for the test. Thanks

  11. mrgreensenglish says:


    I am sorry… but this video was made for those beginning essay writers who would like to spend time to learn how to write an essay from a simple example. It was not made for those who use their time poorly and try to find a quick fix by writing an essay the night before it is due. I suggest pleny of planning and work on every essay!

  12. qaluuu says:

    Mrgreensenglish this video is totally not useful. its just a useless crap which makes u clip off to McD instead of writing the essay due next day

  13. vtwzy says:

    I like how he throws the sheet at the class.

  14. crapcakes55 says:

    he looooooovvvvvvveeeeeessss eating at mcdonalds

  15. youweyou says:

    good way to describe…!!!

  16. andrescaraudio says:

    this kind get me started on my essay. Thanks for posting

  17. Gwinette1 says:

    I would like to get the essay outline planning sheet.

  18. srababygirl947 says:

    thanks a lot, this helped me outline my essay, and made my essay more effective.

  19. cooliraq says:

    Thank you very much man……

  20. kbt1993 says:

    you are being kinda redundant because you say i like, i like all the time
    but still it really have me a brief idea of how to write an essay thxs

  21. alanstarkie2001 says:

    I don’t think this really cuts the mustard. No pun intended!

  22. Xnevergivupx says:

    Thanx i dont get it fully but thanx ;]

  23. PaolaK says:

    Thank you so much! You are a very good Teacher!

  24. Mongoose16 says:

    If you put cheese on a hamburger it becomes a cheeseburger. Horrible essay.

  25. asshole8881 says:

    not in your class but this helped me alot!

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