Living English – Episode 1 – Australia Network

Watch Living English and get to know the characters of our drama ‘Sisters and Brothers’ as you learn and revise your basic English skills. The 42-part series looks at the English language used in everyday situations such as checking into a hotel or describing people. For more episodes with notes, quizzes and much more visit: Australia Network has a range of English learning programs online including vodcasts (video downloads) and more available at:

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16 Responses to Living English – Episode 1 – Australia Network

  1. saba874 says:

    A wonderful viedo.

  2. muteland says:

    @bioqlat27 You can see australianetwork

  3. ClaudioMEAB says:

    I liked your video very much. Good bye!

  4. bioqlat27 says:

    where is 2nd episodes …. i liked it. so i can’t wait

  5. jeonlaghari says:

    Can you please upload other episodes please… i love this program. want to see it all. if anyone knows form where i can download this. let me know plz

  6. chinmii19 says:

    That’s very useful for me and another, i think.

    Thank a lot.

  7. abmoza says:

    Thanks for the video, this is my frist time watching this program. It’s helpful to learning Australian accent

  8. trantiencong says:

    Really great. Australia study english program with powerful lession help me to improve my english alot

  9. LhenzieArlene says:

    Hi there. Thanks for this video. Its very clear. Im from Philippines and I really want to improve my english language and this video can help me more. Thanks a lot.

  10. Mishele88 says:

    i too i,v been in usa i can, not speak as them in this country but now i can speak alittle bit from this lesson and hope to learn more

  11. yuqiangzhao says:

    oh it is wonderful

  12. meiva95 says:

    Im korean and i learn lots from the program

  13. elvis26583 says:

    Wow, this is excellent. thanks! I’ve been looking for something like this for my english classes…

  14. videobob8 says:

    That’s wonderful English lesson !!
    Thanks a lot

  15. gunalder says:

    i’m fan of living english always

  16. teddythefrency says:

    I am french and I am very happy to discover these lessons and so improve my knowledge in english language.
    Excellent a big bravo for the Aussies.

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