Let's Write a Sawng (Step 14: Revise the Bridge Lyrics)

Deadline Tuesday 6/17 @ 3:04pm MST “TURNIN’ TURNIN'” Step 14 – Revise the Bridge Lyrics (Wish 2)

This video is dated but the concepts and methods explained in this video draw strong parallels to future practices. Enjoy! ps. I’m aware of the spelling error Rate, comment, and subscribe!

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25 Responses to Let's Write a Sawng (Step 14: Revise the Bridge Lyrics)

  1. TheHunterDK011 says:

    I went to dal on my hunter to pick up the daily on my hunter and i looked at the jc recipes from the girl behind the counter does she not sell the epic cuts, cause i didnt ask the actual trainer please someone reply

  2. JayJayJay83 says:

    What cuts do you recommend we sell nowadays? 🙂

  3. dz1ncha says:

    @LdogDaBeast Drop herbalism, get jewelcrafting and you’ll be rich.

  4. LdogDaBeast says:

    @sher1412 dudee you are totally right!!! ima alchemist and herbalist soo blizz nerfed me! and taking all my good actions and sells away! lol! WHATS WRONG WITH BLIZZARD??

  5. HaloWow15 says:

    @sher1412 Frost lotus is 2.5g a peice now 😥 on my realm

  6. HaloWow15 says:

    @sher1412 Frost lotus is 2.5g a peice now 😥

  7. MighteyWhitey13 says:

    yagonnawonna 😛

  8. MrocznaOwca says:

    1:40 ninja inv !

  9. nandric1 says:

    You gonna wanna get
    You gonna wanna do
    You gonna wanna buy
    You gonna wanna look for

    I lol’d hard.

  10. deathshado04 says:

    how do you use dark jades to turn into meta gems?

  11. Gabestein1 says:

    A good tip for you jewel crafters like me: you can buy epic gems (like ametrine and eye of zul) from a emblem vendor in Dalaran (If you have a tank or healer this is very easy due to fast instance que times) or by farming CTA (call to arms, double xp and honor) battlegrounds and buying gems with honor from the honor vendor in Org and SW. The emblem gems are great if you have all the BOA you want and don’t need gear but do dailies

  12. nomonmos says:

    @sher1412 You do have to remember this is from November 09, 2009….

  13. jajanneh says:

    Very nice video, improved my money making using prospeting alot, never thought so far using a enchanter 🙂

    But what to do with the “Dark jade” is it worth cutting a blue ring using 1 eternal earth and 2 dark jade?

  14. ChathamFr0 says:

    Looks like you could use Onebag3 addon. 😉

  15. LKxDESIGN says:


    replace mining with jc

  16. knikt02 says:

    @sher1412 the saronite shuffle is still alive, just not as strong as it used to

  17. TheBloodshotFilms says:

    Ok so, i have 450 engineering 150 mining, and about 3k gold to work with, what would you recommend?

  18. ketegr123 says:

    to my server 90-100gold uncutted gems 120-150gold cutted gems = medium profit of around 20-50 gold 🙂

  19. Pelicansrcool says:

    This was quite some time ago, the majority of servers are like yoursn ow.

  20. Reaperknox says:

    So how do you get your uncut gems? Do you buy them or prospect them?

  21. ConDemZ says:

    @sher1412 catalycsm prep ftw

  22. xiaohaigui1234 says:

    i found a good website where i have bought cheap WOW gold. if you are a player of that game, you can log on w w w.loverp.com. i promise, you can save much money if you buy gold there!!

  23. uhkapeli says:

    @sher1412 Nerfed JC because of DE? huh? Are u trying to Troll? JC = Jewelcrafting
    DE = Enchanting stuff

  24. TheJuxtaposedKing says:

    @sher1412 cuse the people that got these things over priced them like crazy knowing that was the only way to get it, if u werent one of these profs u were skrewd

  25. IPaPaGazza says:

    the economy on my server sucks, your epics are going for about 100g more and the difference between cut and uncut is like 90g, on hellscream 100g for cut 90g for uncut =S

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