Learn English Live with Steve Ford – Lesson Two

Learning English TV 1 – 8 http://www.youtube.com Peppy -1 -28 http://www.youtube.com Test Prep – TOEFL – IELTS http://www.youtube.com Business English http://www.youtube.com Steve in Brazil – Can you run that by me again? http://www.youtube.com @ 7:15 min Peppy Pronunciaition 1 – ED Endings http://www.youtube.com
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12 Responses to Learn English Live with Steve Ford – Lesson Two

  1. PrivateEnglishPortal says:

    @cpaniaguam OK! Thanks! I tried my Portuguese pronunciation with a Spanish name. I knew I was taking a risk there!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. cpaniaguam says:

    Steve, “Eulogio” is pronounced Ee-oo-law-he-oh

    E (as in the word ‘bed’)
    u (as in the word umph)
    lo (as in law)
    gi (as in the pronoun ‘he’)
    o (as in ‘oh’)

  3. PrivateEnglishPortal says:

    @MrAsderoff It’s a great idea. Lots of people are contacting each other to practice English on Skype on the following forum: privateenglishportal ( write DOT) com/groups/ i-want-to-chat /

  4. MrAsderoff says:

    it’s awesome again that you Steve is doing lessons on the youtube,
    strongly appreciate your work , thank you
    Ladys leave here your skype nick name , so
    we want to work something out on speaking skills.
    Also guys is welcome either)

  5. 0v0Dreamer0v0 says:

    Thanks 😀

  6. myisme1 says:

    thanks so much, teacher Steve!!! i really enjoy our lesson today!!!!

  7. PrivateEnglishPortal says:

    Hi Iso,
    Have you tried joining my student community at peppyclubcom ?
    You can make friends there and there are many people who are interested in making new friends
    to practice English on skype.
    Take care!

  8. 0652411 says:

    hello Steve
    I’m Iso from Bosnia
    I have a kind of unusual question but if you have some tips i’d appreciate it:
    what is the best way to improve speaking english since i dont have anybody to speak with ?

  9. t7t700 says:

    Thank you Steve. You are a great great teacher. I have been learning a lot from all your videos. God bless

  10. PrivateEnglishPortal says:

    @fahimchen ha! ha! Has your computer ever crashed before?

  11. fahimchen says:

    i have a mac. i dont get a bluescreen.

  12. natalkafromrussia says:

    Steve, you’re the best English teacher ever! I enjoy all of your videos so much!

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