Jing – How to Screencast

A more comprehensive overview of using Jing for a CityU IELTS training scheme for students

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8 Responses to Jing – How to Screencast

  1. maximo2matt says:

    That will work. Thanks!

  2. mckln says:

    @maximo2matt Try using another screencasting website, such as screenr.com to make the screencast of you screencasting

  3. maximo2matt says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. When I try to do a screen capture showing someone how to use Jing the “sun” disappears so I can show them how to click on the “sun” to capture. How can I keep the sun functional while I can capturing?

  4. mckln says:

    @Lindax It depends on the version that you have; premium users can save .mp4 files whereas free-users can only save in the original flash format.

  5. Lindax says:

    does it make massive files or compress or what?

  6. zura7574 says:

    ok ok

  7. mckln says:

    @zura7574 You need to delete the program; and you must do so no haphazardly, but carefully by using the Windows deinstaller — only then will the sun thing disappear forever!

  8. zura7574 says:

    can i delete the file and never show that sun thing

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