Accent Reduction Learn English Lesson 12 – Scientists DNA!

This lesson is about the DNA sequences research. You can learn English ESL second language from a real school native English teacher. IELTS is hard, TEOIC is difficult, so study free ESL English right here. Reduce your accent and practice for exams to get good marks! Read, write, speak and talk fluent accent reduced English! Accent Reduction is hard but if you can listen carefully and practice speaking fluent accent-reduced English ESL you will learn English more effectively. School is expensive but free ESL language lesson videos are cheap! School teachers should be available for ESL training all time. Instruction is good at home, or online. Get those TOEIC exams finished! get a good mark! Study hard! Excel in English every day! Beat the school system! Free Teacher online! Free ENGLISH as a second language teacher accent reduction at home! Skype English Teacher too! Best English accent reducing teacher from a native speaking country Canada! Best teacher! Great free schooling to learn you native English tongue! ESL is the best!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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4 Responses to Accent Reduction Learn English Lesson 12 – Scientists DNA!

  1. rAIUK says:

    fewer sounds better than less? 😀
    gene is countable

  2. TeacherPhilEnglish says:

    @hamedishere Good job!

  3. hamedishere says:

    I repeat every word you say and learn the pronunciation.

  4. vomitandoflores says:

    Thank you for all those lessons! It’s fantastic, because sometimes (or most of the times…) i don’t know how to pronounce it.


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