Academic Writing part 1 – My new site for learners wanting to improve their English. This is a VCD-quality version of the presentation I uploaded some time ago, split into three parts. Do you go to the movies sometime or sometimes? There is a big difference — learn what it is in this lesson presented by Rebecca, then take the free quiz at
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9 Responses to Academic Writing part 1

  1. extacy2115 says:

    You are a great teacher. Hope to meet you sometime 🙂

  2. khoslayou says:

    I am student from India, aspiring to study abroad. I learnt a great deal from your videos which helped me crack the IELTS. I secured 7.5!!! Thanks a tonne!! May goodness be with you!!

  3. marsanplottier says:

    Thank you very much Rebecca. Very useful

  4. PaulyChopp says:

    Little difficult for understanding.

  5. hussam2jamal says:

    Thank you very much

  6. marbanful says:

    thank for the video

  7. singingalone13 says:

    @bigfanofpop yes they do

  8. holdenru says:

    “some time” and “sometime” have the same meaning?

  9. bigfanofpop says:

    I love it ❤

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