IELTS 20110323 1

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Different ways to greet (saying “hello”)people in English. Casual through formal English expressions. Various vocabulary words and phrases for all levels of English learner. How to speak the phrases with proper intonation and feeling. pronunciation video with…

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21 Responses to IELTS 20110323 1

  1. PifferSeba says:


  2. themikado3333 says:

    i said to ”what’z up” to a black girl… The girl did shout at me .! She said to me , it’z bad word!! Is true huuuh ?

  3. LCC7440 says:

    @Pasaria Actually, lessons in English are for those who speak some English so they can improve what they know. People who know nothing need to find an ESL class in their neighborhood which coicindentally will also probably be in English if there is more than one foreign language group represented in the area.

  4. mayanma says:


  5. 1992Aamna says:


  6. patohugo2008 says:

    new nu: or new njʊ: ????

  7. kujanviva says:

    ty its cool 😀

  8. kelvin3439 says:

    very funny but very well

  9. watermelonlover101 says:


  10. crimson8752 says:

    this is funny

  11. MerlynOkami says:

    Loll this is funny in someway, but this is greatt!!
    Thank you for making this video!!

  12. orangegold1 says:

    @123and “Thank you for posting these videos” or “Thank you for posting your videos”

  13. 123and says:

    Thank you for posting there videos.

  14. dhaliwal0062 says:

    i was just looking for something like this ……tha

  15. 05alfi says:

    thx!! It’s great!!

  16. lyncem says:

    @Pasaria It may sound silly for you, but it’s good for learners like me who have studied written English before learning the pronunciation.

  17. johnsongray1 says:


  18. Pasaria says:

    lmfao You give a English lesson in English?

  19. MarxCxla says:

    heeeeyy !! thx
    I have a homework about this!!

  20. neautome says:

    I think this is going to be useful in my English class


  21. AlGerMe says:

    Nice Vids man. thx

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