IELTS Speaking. Part 4.

Демонстрация сдачи устной части международного экзамена IELTS. Ролик в 4-х частях. Часть 4.

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13 Responses to IELTS Speaking. Part 4.

  1. Halawanigroup says:

    Halawani Group is glad to offer its Study Abroad Consultation Services to everyone.

  2. sajjad7972 says:

    if anybody practice in english with me add me in my skype id

  3. betincb says:

    She is cute, damn idiots!
    Well done, lady.

  4. sajjad7972 says:

    anybody speaking english join me on my skype id


    any one who want to do practice of speaking , can join me on SKYPE my ID is yasir_wasim


    she is dancing more and speaking less , lolz.

  7. nikakang says:

    its okay.. the speaking test does not depend its band score on hand gestures..

  8. nikakang says:


  9. zambaleta310 says:

    the teacher itselt looking scary !!
    i hope to get afriendly face in my exam :-()

  10. youweyou says:

    So stupid this lady 😉

  11. DeniskaFromRussia says:

    @ernbabjr next time she’s gonna handcuff herself and make the test more private for this old gentleman )))))))))

  12. ernbabjr says:

    I think to much gestures.

  13. Pinterism says:

    Fuck Background Music

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